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You didn't get the sympathetic response from the Public that you were expecting did you, Leticia? Don't worry. If you lose a finger, there are plenty of middle fingers the Public is already giving you.^^ a mask

*becomes the first international student body president at * ICE announces that all foreign students must leave the country if their colleges are online. .

That settles it - DON’T SEND YOUR CHILDREN TO SCHOOL until it is SAFE! Keep your children close - away from this MOST DANGEROUS MAN IN THE US. He is closing testing locations around the US. He denies 130,000 COVID-19 DEATHS! LIES ABOUT THE DAILY INCREASE OF COVID-19. 😷

Find out what we have been up to in June. safe your mask Wash your hands often Social distancing

3rd time in 8 days that I’ve seen a lady yell at an employee for not wanting to wear a mask in a store because she has a “medical condition”

All items are £25 - automatic at checkout. Till stock lasts. Just some of our designs in the video. Enjoyyyy 🤍

Wow! This story is powerful! I do not understand why many in our community are so dead set against wearing their masks to protect others! Let’s protect the Healthcare professionals willing to SAVE us in a Covid crisis! YOUR MASK SPRINGFIELD or this will be us very shortly!

365 new cases of Covid-19 a mask Idaho # not going away on its own

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