My queens why you setting fires all around the hood tonight. Calm.

Another attack of the Karens at Shake Shack West Hollywood. Wouldn’t wear a mask. Says it violates hippa law and Covid isn’t real. Screaming at the workers. Hard to witness.

Just Closed • 8913 Ashcroft Ave • This updated contemporary home is located in a highly sought area, between and • 3 Beds, 3 Baths, & 2,250 SF • Sold for $2.6M

Say Something DEFINITELY the song of this summer here in . We are obsessed!

Happy Friday 🌎. It’s National Raspberry Cake Day! It’s going to be a scorcher in

Oh please. Why doesn’t the black community be responsible for their criminal behaviour. Black gangs come north and rob homes in your northern district

Another earthquake in LA? And I just barely got back to sleep from the other quake I felt in West Hollywood earlier... 😳 Anyone else still up?

Well, that woke me up... that was a whole lot of shaking. 😳 Earthquake in LA! Anyone else in West Hollywood feel that?

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