Got my first dunk...8.5 foot goal but I’m still workin’ on my hops.

Some WIP I am currently working on. Man I wish I had a backyard right now :/

Thank you guys so much for the kind words on my update post about my mental health <3 I've been slowly getting back into working digitally but still for the most part taking it easy. Feeling inspired to do something Easter related so here is a

South collectorate and Dy. Collector and Mamlatdar Office Staff working tirelessly for the needy, packing of dry ration.

Here's some nude ladies to (possibly) brighten your day/evening. Not finished but excited about where we're at.

After getting feedback from my students and parents and some advice from I decided to stop trying to "re-create" my classroom schedule and do what is best for students, families, and myself!

All right Hornet lifters, little guy wants you to critique his technique.

the leathers jacket turned out to be more complicated than expected 😬

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