. Most liked clips #1. Baby — 13.1M #2. Sorry — 12.6M #3. What Do You Mean — 8.6M #4. I'm The One — 8M #5. Love Yourself — 6.7M #6. — 6.4M #7. Despacito Remix — 5.8M #8. Let Me Love You — 5.7M #9. Never Say Never — 5M

Quarantine diaries: Made my fist ever homemade salsa. It was a success. Will be doing again. What was I so afraid of? 😋

I Don't Know If It's A Late Lunch Or Early Dinner Anymore!! But My Hamburgers & Fries Are

I am pretty sure Sebastian would enjoy these chocolate and peanut butter bars.

Cam & I made Shepherd's Pie. Decided to start Rachel Rae's Recipes, where I take a Rachael Ray recipe, convert it from scratch to boxed items, weed out what's good for you & takes just as long to make.😉Best Shepherd's Pie I've tasted! Really!😋0 for presentation.

I was up in Waffle House but you my chick fil a

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