...feeling entirely overdressed to , but it’s time to give Covid the cold shoulder bc I’m so ready for real clothes again. How about y’all?!

One of the world's leading apparel retail brand has closed 1,200 of their stores located in different cities/countries around the world. The pandemic is causing thousands of stores to shut down this year

I like this look 😍 I showcased my song "Wasted" wearing this outfit I'm planning to release this banger later this year... barely managing to wait for the official release 🎶

Oh wow what an amazing weekend! ☀️Summer is finally here! 👱🏻‍♀️Hair gets lighter, 🍹drinks get colder, 🎵music gets louder, 🌙nights get longer, 😁life gets better! 💖 Top & shorts

Mel: “I don’t believe in coincidences”. Hel: “Oh my god! Me neither!”. 😂😂 Mels dress Michelle Keegan . Hels playsuit .

We’re dressed and ready for Tennis fever to take over Wimbledon Village this week! 🎾 Get your tickets @eyesofladywimbledon and join in the celebrations 🎉 Both dresses 💖

The annual ZARA After Christmas Sale is happening now through January 26th. Prices are XS; savings are XXXL throughout the store!

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