IT’S ON. The Eden-Monaro by-election will be on 4 July. is the only candidate who won’t let this community be forgotten by this Government.

Twenty years ago today, 250,000 people walked across Sydney Harbour Bridge in support of reconciliation. I was one of them. Our cause is no less urgent now than it was two decades ago. Because a country that is not truly reconciled is not truly whole.

“Is it too much to ask to see some clean hands?!” 🧼 One of the greatest Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander line-ups EVER assembled has joined forces to deliver this entertaining – and important – coaches’ address at the SCG.

Press conference in Merimbula with and . There were some ruff questions from Lola.

Around here Bega Cheese means one thing: local jobs. Thanks to the management of the Bega Cheese for talking to us about their challenges.

Inspired by the resilience of the farming & small biz families & I spent time with today in Narooma, Cobargo, Quaama & Bega, & by the dedication of who seeks to represent them as part of our team in the nation’s parliament

Rabbitoh grabs Rooster by the legs. A sign of what’s to come on Friday.

Opposition leader Anthony Albanese with Labor candidate for Eden-Monaro Kristy McBain during a tour of a poultry farm at Quaama owned by Dan and Lyndal Tarasenko, bushfires destroyed stock, fencing and buildings in early January 2020

Lane Corby looks out over the fence gate of his fire affected farm while his parents Tamara and Craig talk to Opposition leader Anthony Albanese and Jim Chalmers during campaigning with the Eden-Monaro candidate Kristy McBain today near Cobargo

Dropped into Cobargo Relief Centre with ⁦⁩ to talk with amazing volunteer coordinators Danielle and Chris about ongoing support for those impacted by devastating bushfires

COMING UP | Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese () will join shortly on and .

Despite everything, Tamara and Craig can’t get support because beef and sheep farmers aren’t eligible for assistance grants while dairy farmers are. Surely we can do better than this – for this family, and all those who are still struggling in the aftermath of bushfires.

Caught up with Tamara and Craig in Cobargo with . They’re showing so much resilience after losing their cattle during the bushfires. They saved their house – but Craig’s brother, sister, parents, grandfather and aunties all lost theirs.

This small business in Narooma has 40 employees, but only 7 are eligible for JobKeeper. Those on JobKeeper are earning much more than they normally would. Everyone else is receiving nothing. Wage subsidies are a good idea being badly implemented – and it’s impacting people.

Good to chat to Marcus Paul on this morning from beautiful Narooma

Heading to Narooma, Cobargo, Quaama and Bega with and today - communities which have endured bushfires and now Covid-19 pandemic

Bushfire seasons are getting longer and more intense. We’ve listened to the science during coronavirus. We need to listen to the science on climate change.

If you can't manage money, you can't run the country.

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