I've never seen anger towards a PM/govt as I've seen tonight, my phone is on fire with friends who aren't a politico like me, they're disgusted/outraged/angry at the conduct not just of Dominic Cummings, but Boris Johnson, the have a reckoning heading their way.

Boris Johnson has tonight made the Theresa May Premiership look like a golden era

UK Parliament: Public Vote of No Confidence in PM Johnson - Sign the Petition! via

Just a quick one, how does Boris Johnson know what a father's instincts are?

"Arrogant and offensive" "Can you imagine having to work with these truth twisters" This was tweeted from the official civil service Twitter account today This is devastating and confirms what most of us already knew, just a pity millions of our citizens didn't listen to us.

Boris Johnson may have signed his own death warrant this afternoon, this is really serious, it's not just Westminster gossip, people who i know have had to make painful life and death decisions due to his lockdown, he's put a man's job before all the pain/suffering. Sickening.

If you've had to say goodbye to your dying mother/father/brother/sister over the phone (can you imagine that? I can't) Boris Johnson has this afternoon thrown all your sacrifices under a bus

Tom Harwood is that far right dimwit who poses as a political journalist, then goes on tv with a script handed to him by a tory politician, that's what I've been told and judging by his performance on today I've no reason to disbelieve it.

Johnson/Gove couldn't wait to get us out of the EU, because of those unelected bureaucrats, now they're breaking their backs defending, wait for it......An unelected bureaucrat, you really couldn't make this up, just go Cummings and take this rancid shitshow of a govt with you.

The championed themselves as the party of the people, ask yourselves this, would a people's party behave in this way? No it wouldn't, the tories have never been of the people, they never ever will be, we warned people, you reap what you sow

In shielding Cummings ministers are revealing an ugly truth, they're willing to undermine their own public health messaging and it's entire pandemic strategy - to risk people's lives, in order to save one man's job, it's a disgrace This from today's

Boris Johnson knew Dominic Cummings had travelled to Durham, he fucking knew this. As he was telling the rest of us to observe lockdown his chief bag carrier was breaking it, how can he now tell us to observe any new measures? The whole fucking lot of them should go

They've thrown a ring around Dominic Cummings today that care home bosses could only dream of

Shut up you coward, you've got the backbone of a slug.

People have sacrificed so much, they've not been able to hold the hand of a loved one as they were dying, they've said goodbye over the fucking phone and come on here to defend Dominic Cummings, I'm emotional, angry and hate tories even more

Boris Johnson is today damned by his cowardice, Dominic Cummings is his adviser, so instead of facing the media he hides in his fridge and sends Grant Shapps out to do his dirty work, the tories have always been morally bankrupt, Johnson endorses this today

I know people who've had they can't fucking move let alone drive, the rest of us have had to make huge sacrifices, but for tories it's carry on regardless, god I'm looking forward to the day you're party is finally swept from power

My god Twitter is full of sycophantic/arse licking tories defending Dominic Cummings today, it's vomit inducing, they know he's bang to rights, but they were elected to follow his Brexit instructions, lobby fodder just doing as they're told, lily livered cowards

Raab/Sunak/Gove all sent out to defend Dominic Cummings, the hypocrisy here is disgraceful, but this is what i expect from tories, they were screaming for Catherine Calderwood/Niall Ferguson to go, they've now destroyed this lockdown by defending him, utter bastards

There is no way Boris Johnson is going to fire Dominic Cummings, you see Cummings (if he so desires) could bury Johnson under an avalanche of skeletons, he knows where they're all buried, Mr Cummings should resign, but he has no decency, the vote leave slug is fireproof

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