Bernie Sanders may be out of the presidential race, but his Leftist radicalization of the Democrat Party will remain for years to come.

The pro-family policies pursued by Hungary's Viktor Orbán as an alternative to mass immigration are reaping dividends, with births up 9.4%.

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston has launched a coronavirus hotline to help people understand the viral outbreak befalling the nation.

China Accuses U.S. of ‘Scooping Up Medical Supplies Worldwide’

President Donald Trump said African-Americans were suffering more deaths proportionally during the coronavirus epidemic. “It has been disproportional,” Trump said. “They are getting hit very, very hard.”

Foreign visa workers brought to the U.S. will only undergo additional medical screening if they have symptoms of coronavirus.

Linda Tripp, the Pentagon staffer who blew the whistle on President Bill Clinton’s illicit relationship with intern Monica Lewinsky in 1998, leading to the first presidential impeachment in more than a century, died on Wednesday at age 70.

Students at Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana, were surprised when they learned last week that the college would not offer pro-rated housing refunds to students that have left campus due to the ongoing Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.

Human-rights advocates say over 300 Protestant churches were shut down by China in 2019 and persecution continues during the pandemic.

An Arlington Heights, Illinois, homeowner punched one intrusion suspect until he fled, then shot a second intrusion suspect dead.

Britt Hume: "We may or may not flatten the curve, but we’ve certainly flattened the economy."

Actor Dennis Quaid has praised President Donald Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic, giving a rare Hollywood thumb's up to the commander in chief's efforts. “It’s a good thing we had that travel ban at the time."

Far-left actor Alec Baldwin smeared millions of Americans, declaring that anyone intending to vote for President Donald Trump in this year's presidential election must suffer from a mental illness.

Tracy Morgan: “People want to criticize the president, but imagine being a president of a country and have your country get sick. So it’s difficult for him. We’ve all got to pull together as people, now.”

FDA administrator Dr. Hahn told Breitbart News exclusively that his agency is working with private industry leaders to bring more antibody testing and promising potential plasma-based treatments for the coronavirus to the American public.

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