SHARE PLS: By the end of the week, working w/ gov’t, we will have arranged the largest build-orders of ventilators, masks, face shields & gowns in Canadian history. All local. Its the biggest ever peacetime mobilization of 🇨🇦s industrial capacity. Tell your friends.

Final thought of the day: There are few things more touching than a thoughtful note at an unexpected time from a friend. Thank you for inspiring me. You know who you are.

I have trouble falling asleep these days.

Build! Build! Build! is using fabric developed by to help supply protective medical gowns to health care professionals across Canada.

"It has been an incredible time where everybody has put aside any of the partisan biases." — (). Listen to the latest podcast from &

Great to talk about this movement here w and . “Zero partisan BS. It’s unprecedented”

Another win from manufacturers in response to our call to action. Court Holdings' team has made a breakthrough to make masks/PPE reusable! 55 units shipping ASAP. Credit also to for 99.99% sterilization standard.

Researchers from teamed up with Woodbridge Foam in the race to design, test and get made-in-Canada masks certified for use. Thanks for quick action, and ! |

My dad just now: ‘I’m proud that you’re my son.’ I’ll be in my feelings the rest of the day if you’re looking for me. The End.

I’m about to do a interview in an ironed shirt and pyjama pants. Shhhh.

What a day. We’ve worked around the clock the last 3 weeks recruiting the reinforcements. I’d really prefer to be making cars & coaching baseball but we are here now. When normal life returns, I’d like you all to remember how much we care about each other.

Not gonna lie , I smiled reading this. “Now he’s become a manufacturing hero of sorts, sourcing locally, using email & Twitter to mobilize his extensive manufacturing network, getting people to think about how to produce what Canada needs, in Canada, using 🇨🇦 firms.”

Very proud of Canadian auto suppliers sense of civic duty. 165 firms answered our call. Over a dozen already helping in production of PPEs and ventilator parts. All of the 5 biggest leading by example.

Great to be cited here in this piece. 'During the current crisis reached out to the business community & has worked w/ people like Flavio Volpe at on what we all hope will be the greatest peacetime pivot of ON's auto manu sector.'

PLS SHARE: Help me thank Manufacturers. 23 days ago they answered a crazy call to arms. Today auto suppliers & assemblers are building life-saving ventilators & delivering of PPEs they are now making here. Honestly, the greatest single thing I’ve ever been part of.

This is ’s ‘Behind the Music’. Great to be on with just now talking about stepping up.

We’ve been working on this around the clock. The reinforcements are arriving! and - all credit to you. and - you were critical in making this happen ASAP.

Last night I ended my day talking to about our arsenal of health. Start your day with a listen. We can win this together. The reinforcements are coming.

Im on with in 5 mins. Log on and have a listen. We are talking about stepping up on .

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