I understand she wants to be part of the pepper 😂😂when she’s not even relevant

You get to know your real friends or those who got your back in cases like this, I’m so happy they revealed their true selves so Tacha would actually know those on her side, smhhh

My new single “Iran Obinrin” is FINALLY OUT! This song means a lot to me, it is a celebration of the female lineage and I dedicate this not only to all you beautiful Queens out there but especially to my Mother who has shown me so much strength my whole life. Link in bio!,🙏🏾💞

Nicki's lyrics in HardWhite comes to mind when I see this shot. "Mirror mirror who's the fairest, You're the motherfucking fairest Nicki(Tacha)" My baby looking fairest and flyest like the Queen she is.

Titans please be honest ... Who do you think was more popular and relevant in PD BBN 2019 ? Retweet for Tacha yellow chair Like for kimbrowser

Let's stay unbothered, keep it cute and keep it cruising. Above all, let nobody use us to revive their dead careers. What did Tacha say? "If you want attention, you have to pay"

Even if we drag anybody, let it be on cruise level. Let's have fun with this shit because, honestly, we left BBN drama behind a long time ago. Tacha (and we) have risen and grown bigger than that game.

However I want to admonish all titans to not take her seriously. She isn't the only one. When that reunion airs, you would see just how many of them are horny for the type of Clout Tacha can give. My people, we must do what we do best: CRUISE.

So that she can get a pat on the back from set awon bad attitude police. So that she can entertain comments like "Kim is so bold, she gave it to Tacha" So that all Tacha haters can flock to her side. Will she achieve her goal? Probably. Maybe.

DEAR TITANS, (thread) I have thought hard about this: Why would Kim, who had no beef with Tacha start screaming at her at the reunion? CLOUT. She wants to be The One who brings it up so she can get the attention. So that she can make comments like "did I lie?"

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