More than 35,000 people are dead - the worst in Europe. The only reason it’s not higher is because the public has made agonising sacrifices. By not sacking Cummings and ordering an investigation, the PM has stuck up two fingers to all of us.

If there is anyone out there still confused as to why there has been so much anger over this issue, please read the below tweet for some perspective.

would be really great if gordon brown could make an intervention and discuss how quickly and effectively he forced damian mcbride out when he was in the shit. the difference between his reaction to his special advisor’s misbehaviour and boris johnson’s could not be bigger

Newspaper headlines: No 10 'chaos' as 'defiant' PM defends Cummings

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Utter contempt for this man and this shitshow 💩. I lost my dear friend of 30 years and could not say goodbye because I had to follow the rules. The rules don’t apply to the elite it seems. Shame on you ⁦⁩ . Karma is coming for you

Oh my goodness!! What a shocking performance from Boris Johnson. The Prime Minister only took questions from four journalists and didn't answer any of them. His defence of the indefensible will cost him dearly. Is this the beginning of the end?

I wish I'd recorded this because is destroying not only his own credibility but that of everyone else in the government. It's not only who should resign - the entire Tory government should.

At last! People are *finally* getting his name correct! HUGE win for today... Anything else for today anyone can think of? seems quiet.... 🤔😜🤣🙌🏻

If the Conservatives truly thought they could weaponise an uncle dying, or learning difficulties in a child, to justify Cummings’ behaviour, then they have just made every parent with a child with learning difficulties, and everyone who has lost a loved one, even angrier.

We had a caller on LBC recently who had a heavily autistic son living in a supported home many miles away. He felt very alone and was really struggling with lockdown. She said every instinct as a parent was to go and see him but she hadn’t, because those were the rules.

The Prime Minister has just undone 1,000 years of legal history. Law is irrelevant. Law doesn’t matter. “Following instincts” is what matters. Welcome to anarchy.

The people of Islington South & Finsbury can always be relied on to say it as it is.

I’m still only fifteen. I love with my mother and brother. My brother is a high-functioning autistic child. My mum has coped. He’s nine. I’m fifteen. Drastically different needs to meet, day in, day out. She’s done it and I’m so proud of her.

People. Couldn't. Hold. Their. Dying. Children.

There is now no reason why the daily briefing couldn’t have 4 or 5 socially distanced journalists a day in a briefing room asking the PM or ministers the questions face to face. Today’s questioning was a technical disaster. It was very convenient for the government.

My team called Public Health England on behalf of constituents in difficult circumstances to ask if travel could be justified, eg parents of students struggling with mental health wanting to pick them up. Advice was *always* not to travel. Boris Johnson defending the indefensible

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