Idk about you but imma make it out of this mess

Oop. Is Nene recruiting? Lol. She just asked Tamar if she would ever consider joining the cast of , and Tamar responded 👀.

you order something on uber eats that cost 12 dollars and your total will be like 32.47 before the tip

If my n*ggga cheated on me two years ago and I find out TODAY— I’m STILL leaving

Me leaving America in November after y’all re-elect Trump

Hate when y’all shake up the TL then delete the tweet

when the first COVID-19 documentary drops I’m hoping they discuss the stark contrast in realities for people. watching it all in real time is jarring.

the way Bernie came up with a plan for every problem

If you remember seeing this commercial as a kid, you qualify for a veterans discount

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