I think Cummings and Johnson will have gone by Friday. Then we have the awful spectre of Murdoch’s stooge, Gove, taking over. Still, look on the bright side. We’ve got to look forward to the absolute carnage and shit show of Brexit at the end of this year...

13,966,454 of you voted for him. Hope you’re all thinking: ‘job well done’ this evening ...

“There are none so blind as those who will not see. The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know.”

On the eve of a bank holiday, this is the most irresponsible bullshit I’ve heard for a long long time. Johnson is an absolute cretin.

Johnson on Cummings: "Any father, any parent, would understand what he did. And I certainly do." In other words, Johnson says we didn't need to stay at home, didn't need to protect the NHS, didn't need to save lives after all. Shameful.

Johnson: “Cummings acted legally and with integrity...”. I think this show is over now ... what a corrupt lying bunch of utter wankers

Closer by was released on July 18th 1980. will be hosting a listening party for the album on July 18th 2020. Join us

Happy Birthday - the greatest singer / songwriter in the world. Here’s a lovely version of The Times They Are A Changin' by Tracy Chapman via

They’re Tories. They despise the working classes and they despise immigrants. They have nothing but contempt for most of the population of this country. They laugh openly at the working classes who vote for them. Why does anyone expect them to do anything but lie. They’re scum

It’s not about scoring political points. It’s about the lives of families you uncaring shithouses have ruined by enforcing a lockdown while this fucking arrogant prick was doing whatever he wanted

Epping Walk Bridge 2010. - not demolished. Not shot from the wrong side. Original photo (and this) taken looking west. Bridge has since been refurbished. Lampposts changed sides and handrail fitted.

I suppose it's better than the person (man) a few years ago who insisted I'd taken it in Salford or the other person (man) who told me the bridge had been demolished.

Thanks for all your support. Most enjoyable - generally. I had a bloke tell me how he would have made the portrait of Ian a better shot, & someone who told me that I'd taken my 2010 bridge shot from the wrong side (it was taken to the west)

Well I hope you all enjoyed that. Feel free to DM me re prints and books and so on. I have a couple of Joy Division book projects about to happen. I need to ask & co. to be involved in one of them :-)

It's a short album isn't it. I'll have to save the rest of the photos for if/when we do Closer. This is the set list from Bowdon Vale - from 's collection

When I did my book for Rizzoli, Mark Farrow who designed it, suggested we used some ephemera at the front of the book. This is from that shoot. It's Ian's notebook

e went back towards Manchester Piccadilly station and Paul did the interview in The Brunswick ... It was a great interview. He rang the features Editor on Monday to say they had to go on the cover. This is the shitshow they made of it

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