Guess what, my next single ‘Broken’ from my upcoming album ‘The Calling’. Is out on June 5th! Produced by Pre-save to be one of the first to hear it

Never seen Twitter so united - journalists, pundits, politicians, celebrities & the public all ENRAGED by what they just heard, regardless of their political persuasion. We all know people who've lost loved ones & couldn't be there for them because they obeyed the rules.

This van has just turned up outside Dominic Cummings house

A packed church building with empty people is still a empty church.

And they why I’ve never been one for the government! One rule for them and another for everyone else! I’ve not seen my family in over 3 months and this clown who had Corona thinks it’s OK to drive hundred of miles across the country and take day trips because he needed to!

I’m fuming. All those men who missed their babies being born, all those elderly mums and dads dying alone while their kids cried at home, all those unattended funerals. All on the instruction of a government now defending a mate who chose to take his suspected Covid on a roadtrip

Cause me to hear thy lovingkindness in the morning; for in thee do I trust: cause me to know the way wherein I should walk; for I lift up my soul unto thee. Psalms 143:8 AMEN!

So you won’t wear a mask but you’ll take off your underwear, put it over your face and then touch all the food!!! If I was the manager I would have kicked them out that’s disgusting! 🙈😱😒

This briefing is a humiliating fiasco. Cummings has destroyed any credibility the Govt had left on lockdown. One rule for them, another for we plebs.

Someone Asked me How’s Quarantine Going in Liverpool, I Replied this

Don’t you just love when you’re working on songs and they give you a total vibe full of visuals?! Working on these songs with all I’m seeing is a long drive off into the pink/purple somewhere and I’m loving it!

When you do about a million takes because you wanna get a song with just right! The more I do the more in the pocket the vocals are lol

They’re lying to us. Again. Ministers & experts. Literally rewriting the lockdown rules before our eyes just to save the Prime Minister’s chief adviser. How can anyone defend this Govt any more?

Yesterday I dropped the Autumn of 2085 Instrumentals over on for PWYW - go pick it up if you enjoyed the EP!

The gospel is not just the message that when you die you go to heaven. It’s not even primarily that. The good news of the gospel is that Jesus is Lord, creation is being renewed, and in his name, a new, forgiven and forgiving family is created.

Happy ! It would be the birthday of founder Bob Moog today! He's practically the reason you get to make your synthwave! We've listed our favourite synth tracks from the golden era of music! Tell us some of your favourites!

The thing about genres is that you can do whatever the hell you want and no one can stop you

Can get an edit button please? It's the only social media site without it.

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