If Cummings’s trip to Durham was so lawful, honest and responsible why did he and his wife feel it necessary to write a cover story in the Spectator implying they were in isolation in London?

Anecdotally, I live in a Tory safe seat, and the local forums are absolutely full of local Tory voters who rarely post about politics going completely apeshit.

Bishops react to PM: Leeds: “lied to, patronised, treated as mugs”; Ripon: “integrity, trust, leadership never there”; Liverpool: “treat people like sheep who can be fooled”; Willesden: “the full Trump”; Reading: “has made his task of leading us through this crisis much harder”

This is from a Conservative MP. “Frankly I feel disgusted on how a Conservative Prime Minister can treat decent people who have sacrificed so much with such contempt.”

cabinet minister: “Hard to see how we can go on like this expecting parents, teachers & public to trust us when we bend the rules when it suits us. This lack of confidence will put lives in danger...we may never recover from this.” via

The Mail is one thing , but if you’ve lost Bumble , you’ve lost the country .....

Why I have regretfully come to the conclusion that Dominic Cummings' position is not tenable and he needs to go:

Incensed doesn’t come close ... I haven’t left my house for 10 weeks , other than to walk ... I have done the right thing by government directive .. who is this f.,?!ing tit Cummings ?

Deeply grateful for my colleagues who have said what I feel too. Unless very soon we see clear repentance, including the sacking of Cummings, I no longer know how we can trust what ministers say sufficiently for to work together with them on the pandemic.

Someone v senior in Blair government once told me if the Mail and the Guardian agree, give up immediately

Why Dom Went To Durham - A Movable Feast: 1. For my elderly parents to provide childcare 2. No, for my sister to provide childcare 3. Ok, no one provided childcare, but I was ill 4. No, my wife was ill. I thought I was ill. But I wasn’t. Until I was. 5. My uncle died. 6. ?

For those saying this is just a Twitter-bubble thing, triggered remoaner ponces etc - this is tomorrow’s Daily Mail front page comment.

Such a gross detail in this story: source says those in no 10 were saying “the kid is the trump card” when it came to saving Cummings.

I’m told there are only three Tory MPs defending the Government on their backbench WhatsApp group tonight, out of 200+. They are IDS, Sheryll Murray and Andrew Mitchell.

The awkward moment when your culture war politics stop working in the middle of a global pandemic

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