What did go through in his last moments is what 80mil Iranians go through every day for the past 41 years. Their neck is under the guns of Khamenei Terrorist thugs. must stop supporting Nazi regime in Iran.

: National Guard has been requested states Mayor Frey. ()

I'd like to wish everybody a very safe good night. Chilly again. Stay wrapped up pilots of the way to the stars. Have an astronomical evening and a thoroughly thrilling healthy Thursday :)

Cub Foods on Lagoon now possibly being looted. . 3rd Precinct protest

馃嚭馃嚫 鈥 JUST IN: Minneapolis Police confirm a fatal shooting has occurred amid violent protests south of downtown. Initial reports suggest that the owner of a pawnshop shot and killed a suspected looter.

State Troopers deploying on Lake and Minnehaha. . 3rd Precinct protest

No matter who's video feed you look at the protesters outside the 3rd precinct was not peaceful and it wasn't peaceful today....I dare anyone to tell me different! If a City Council member was out there watching that destruction SHAME ON YOU!

After a long halt due to , services & venues normally hosting large crowds of people are slowly returning to a normal rate of activity. The Israeli Breahalyzer is an ultra-fast coronavirus test which would be positioned in points of entrance & help keep people safe馃憞

My heart goes out to the George Floyd family. Such injustice. Prayers for his loved ones. I hope this police officer gets swift punishment based on what we saw on the video. I still respect and stand by the great police officers out there.

馃嚠馃嚤馃寘 鈥 WATCH IT: Stunning Timelapse footage of sunrise over the Sea of Galilee (Kineret) This morning.

Looting & Riots cheapens the meaningful efforts of sincere people who want to see justice. This mans unjustified killing should be a time to protest peacefully I WANT JUSTICE FOR HIM & UNITY

BLM protesters are trying to burn an American flag while blocking traffic in downtown Los Angeles.

A deep dive into Interim Dean Ilana Feldman鈥檚 multi-year effort to advance the academic boycott of 馃嚠馃嚤 within her field (Anthropology). Note too her firm pledge to implement the boycott in her 鈥減rofessional capacity鈥 馃槷

There鈥檚 protest, and then there鈥檚 stealing stuff and having fun doing it

If you stop supporting Islamist organizations, protecting terrorists and peddling antisemitism then we might believe you, but . . .

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