Blood just looks the same, when you open the veins.

Love left a window in the skies. To love, I rhapsodies. Goodnight.

I was thinking about him, and he appeared. Our Brother:

Where is our beloved ? Wherever you are, I hope you are safe and happy.

I’ll be honest. Nobody intimidates me on Twitter. Apart from...Lillah. A truly great person. That’s the way it is :) 💜 💜 and ugh man, this fella...we’re all proud of him, aren’t we... ✊ ❤️

Good Morning to the original gang. We all progressed. We moved on. We love each other. Of course we do! Salutations:

Nadia: Stop trying to preach. Thank you !

Fuckin hell. It’s proper daylight

I agree with MEKS but still, this is dangerous. CC

Fear is the key. That’s closing all the doors. No time for love. And there’s no time for trust. Fear plays a part. In everybody’s downfall.

To help others. To confide in each other. To look after each other. That’s all that matters.

Don’t be scared. You are alive.

Tonight. My thoughts are with the families, who are inconsolable, with grief. Your tears are mine

Your eyes are burning holes through me.

People who state their case by saying ‘well’ and then carry on forth, giving, a half hearted answer.’s ok. We all prefer to be right, all the time. 🤥😒

That means: LGBTQ Muslims and Non-Muslims deserve equal rights. Women are not beneath men. They deserve equal rights. Non-Muslims deserve equal rights. All Islamic sects deserve equal rights. All religions deserve the same respect and rights demanded by Muslims worldwide.

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