In honour of tonight’s Disasterologists at the Movies (): What I thought my apocalypse outfit would look like versus what it actually looks like.

If you have a buff and two hair ties, you can girth hitch the hair ties on either side to make a quick mask. Temps are getting hotter and I don't always like a buff on the back of my neck.

"Now we rebuild" -- The Rock watching this movie, probably.

The “what will become of us?” convo feels very relevant

But maybe he doesn’t die, he becomes a zombie and this is just a future prequel for the Living Dead!

people: if you’re sheltering in place and there’s no damage to your shelter.. would you ever advise people to leave without a clear safe relocation spot in mind?

Its CRAZY the amount of authority a vest gives to someone

I’m gonna have a scotch. For bilbo. Who’s with me?

“Maybe you ought to stick to science and leave policy to us” This really hits me. What we need is evidence-based decision making.

Why can't we have a movie where the mom is the badass scientist that saves the kid? 😫

NO, BILBO! There’s still time to get out!

The professor has been through a lot. First dealing with The ring, now this.

What they missed here is the amount of debris in a tsunami wave. It’s much more destructive than water alone. But thank goodness the inundation height was exactly the bottom of the storey that is on.

Hurricane moving south on the eastern seaboard of North America? Even the seismologist knows that’s impossible.

Waiting for Perd Hapley to make a cameo as one of these news casters

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