We found new tactics happening each day: We'd cut through reins and rider with the pike And stampede cattle into infantry, Then retreat through hedges where cavalry must be thrown. - Seamus Heaney, Requiem for the Croppies.

In the vicinity of Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh, a single carrier entering the camps would mean an initial death toll of as many as 2,109 refugees. Around the world, the beast now slouches towards the poor, the put upon & the abandoned.

During tough times, real friends stick together. The U.S. is thankful to for donating 2 million face masks to support our healthcare workers on the frontlines. Your openness and generosity in the global battle against is a model for the world.

Man, this is damning. “With hindsight, I’m sure there are lots of things that we could have done differently," PM Trudeau said. No. You had foresight. You were warned. You were told it wouldn't work. You went ahead and did it anyway.

I never go all in for a politician, ever. Not even close. A lot of people rave about our own Justin Trudeau & a lot of people adore New Zealand's Jacinda Ardern. Fair enough, but if I were ever to go all fanboy, it would be about Tsai Ing-wen. Just tops, in every way.

A lie will travel half way around the world before the truth gets its trousers on. This one is still going. It's like a zombie that won't die even when you chop its head off.

'The novel coronavirus pandemic ... is only now beginning to bare its fangs in the Global South.' What lies ahead could be brutal, says

The first ones to starve, the first ones to die. The world's poor are not exactly included in all this Age of Aquarius "we're all in this together" mumbo jumbo making the rounds.

Same as the Yanks. Long a bipartisan consensus in Washington, a new Harris poll shows GOPs & Dems agree Beijing at fault, can’t be trusted etc. “It’s as much of a consensus issue as you can get in today’s divided world,” said Mark Penn, Harris Poll guy.

"A massive propaganda machine from involving at least 10k Twitter accounts has kicked into gear," says @propublicaica via . "All are devoted to spreading the word about Beijing’s gallant struggle with ."

And yet, strangely, keeping the borders open, long after it was known that Beijing was lying - that it wasn't merely like "the US flu," and it *was* lethally contagious between people - was exactly the way the coronavirus made its way around the globe. Funny auld world.

US Democrat Party voters reluctantly settle on Doddering Warlord Joesph Biden, as Socialist Revolution of Bernard Sanders ends with meek whisper.

Chinese state-media beating its chest about donating masks to Canada.

If we are still listening to WHO for advice on how to handle the pandemic we are still making the same mistakes. 1) Don’t shutdown flights (turned) 2) Don’t wear masks (turned) 3) No asymptomatic spread (turned) List is too long to fit them all here.

Hammering home the points I was illustrating in my weekend deep dive for - only more directly, authoritatively, and with links - & closely survey the perilous terrain that Canada has stumbled into.

Come for the deep background on Beijing's adventures in crude propaganda and Russian-style disinformation, stay for how Ottawa doesn't seem to have a clue.

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