Listen here to today’s Media Show; a great line up of ⁦ on ‘patriotic journalism’ in a time of crisis and the new rock starts of the media, data journalists &

next they’ll tell you that the lockdown was only ever a state of mind

You know who does know the movement of people during lockdown ? Facebook, Google, etc (and any phone company. In fact any of those many data arbitragers who sell ‘anonymized’ phone data about social movement )

Johnson starts with a false claim that Cummings had "no alternative". Overlooks his wife's family and other support in London.

This is the situation Johnson’s response to Cummings has created

Strange echoes of months ago. In February the PM was forced to choose between his Chancellor and Mr Cummings. He chose Mr Cummings. It could be said tonight that he had to choose between the credibility of his public health strategy and Mr Cummings. Again, he chose the latter.

This guy is the former head of Durham Police. Classic old school cop. This is brutal.

I do not see how the professional advisers to the government can tolerate this. They must surely consider their own positions, or they are effectively condoning the disregarding of the rules that they have been advocating.

Maybe they were acting on instinct. So it’s fine, no need to investigate.

My instinct tells me I have just watched the Prime Minister make a mockery of the sacrifices me, my family, my community and the country have made for the last 9 weeks. Saving . was it worth all that?

My father was admitted to hospital on March 31st. He died on April 15th having received no visitors during that time. We weren't allowed to travel the 2 miles to visit him during that period and he died alone. I am struggling to process all of this.

This was a test of the Prime Minister and he has failed it. It is an insult to sacrifices made by the British people that Boris Johnson has chosen to take no action against Dominic Cummings.

There cannot be one rule for Dominic Cummings and another for the British people.

I agree with Michael. Tonight, I’m really embarrassed to have ever backed Boris Johnson for high office.

The damaging thing about this whole issue for gov is that Cummings instantly loses any right to tell others they are out of touch / elite / missing the public mood. That’s properly over now. He has become the thing he loathed.

He did also avoid question about whether Cummings went on a trip to Barnard Castle in April

What’s so fascinating about this is whether Cummings and the PM, who judged the public mood so well on Brexit, are massively misjudging it now over his issue. Is it just a bubble row or does it have cut through? And how damaging is it for the Boris Johnson brand?

All of you lot who stayed at home? Bad parents. Mugs. Apparently.

PM has not answered question as to whether breached his own lockdown in Durham by visiting a beauty sport as has been reported

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