Alexandra Kruk (@akruk12)

Who doesn’t love Maine in the fall?

Thank you thank you thank you for all the happy birthday wishes and everyone who celebrated with me!

Who doesn’t love a good girls night out? #isaidnogarlic

I had such an amazing time these past few days and can’t believe tomorrow is already time to go back

Last night we got to see what Cinderella’s castle would look like as Maleficent’s castle, also her

A few years ago it started as a fun 5k that I wanted to try because I thought it would be fun to say

Happy Happy Third Birthday to my favorite little Pumpkin ❤️ I hope your day is filled with ice cream,

Turns out I’m not too bad at throwing axes #urbanaxes #beersandblades #goingclutch

Tonight Scout passed her doggy training class, and was then promptly rewarded with a puppy ice cream

Happy Birthday to my little, although much taller, brother. @derekkruk

A very happy 30th birthday to one of my first friends, one of the kindest people I’ve met, and the

Remember when we said: 'girl, please don't go' And how I'd be loving you forever... Taught you 'bout

Happy Fathers Day to this guy right here. The guy who always knows where I put my shoes then forgot,