BLSFIFA - FIFA 20 - FUT🔥 (@blsfifa)

Ultimate scream team - __________________________________________________ #fifa20 #fifa #fifa19 #fut

Ultimate scream event is now live 🧟‍♂️ - __________________________________________________

Could we see mesut ozil get a flashback item in Fifa 20? - The German hasn’t been as influential for

Ultimate scream official artwork 🔥🧟‍♂️ - __________________________________________________

Now available via sbc 😍🔥 95 sprint speed - Even if he doesn’t fit your team he will be so good

Who wants to see me do a fifa 20 career and play through? - __________________________________________________

What are your rewards looking like ?⬇️ - __________________________________________________ #fifa20

The 2 players that could help anyone go 30-0 in fut champs 💥 - #legends #proclubs #volta #fortnite

Me everyday 😂 - __________________________________________________ #fifa20 #fifa #fifa19 #fut #arsenal

Totw 5🔥 available at 6pm (Uk time) - __________________________________________________ #fifa20

6 icon swaps down 6 to go 👍🏼🔥 - I have to complete the following challenges -Win 3 with 7 first

Fut champs ✅ - Finally this weekend I’ll be able to play fut champs... hopefully 😂 - I haven’t

Who in there right mind do this sbc 😂 - I won’t post a solution cause I don’t think anyone wants

Completed the vela sbc, I thought it would be handy for the mls team icon swaps and also just for first

Potm Carlos vela sbc is now available, he is very cheap and would be a good super sub and possibly a

The team I used to get the ligue 1 icon swap, also managed to find a amazing cheap beast, @flowrrent

Totw prediction by @elitagedzn - Do you thinks it’s correct ?🔥 - #totw #fifa20 #fifa #fortnite

Did gold upgrade sbc a few times, probably not worth it but some decent sbc players I guess🧩 - #fifa20