Thank you for launching a initiative to counter falsehoods. Fear and uncertainty breed vulnerability to easy fixes/blames. We've seen that here in the U.S. at the highest levels.

. Thank you for the award for best news or information segment. Kudos to the amazing team effort! (photo is pre-pandemic!) ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦

New editor's blog: Canadians are susceptible to conspiracies and misinformation. Traditional news media, riding a record high in public trust in Canada, are an important part of the 'cure'

"After 20 years as host of The Sunday Edition, I will be leaving the program at the end of June. But I am not, repeat not, retiring. I am looking forward to a brand new broadcasting adventure at CBC Radio next fall." - Michael Enright

Make no mistake, the newspaper front page still has a power of its own.

As the virus spreads across the world, it develops mutations or tiny copying errors that allow researchers to track its spread. I looked into some of this work being done in Canada and abroad: 

These fine folks talk about govt spending and whether there should be a budget or a fiscal update.

I will indeed ... tonight on CBC Radio One, CBC NN, , the CBC News App and Gem.

What's next for your money, your job & your future post ? Tomorrow night host a two-hour virtual town hall on CBC News Network and CBC Radio One. Be a part of it by sending your questions now to [email protected]

ICYMI, a great conversation with hosted by on the dire straits for news media, including many orgs in Canada which are on life support

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