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I stand at the edge of reason; hung by the cord of all knowing. Knife held against the string; I yearn

Good intentions can be subjective to the opinion of an ignorant perspective; without malicious inclination.

You'll never find truth from those who navigate through their own perpetual reason. - - - - - #cgleeder

The mountain was placed there for a reason 🏔 - - - - #cgleeder #authorsofinstagram #author #writersofinstagram

Too many perceive themselves to be the perfect example. - - - - - - #cgleeder #author #writer #words

One of the many books that should be studied in school ☝🏼 - - - #sapiens #yuvalnoahharari #education

Time; our creation of reality that's confined to the walls of a linear timeline. - Contained - From

Peering up into your eyes, I saw the mirror of my own reflection. - - - - - #cgleeder #author #writer

Made this little video over two years ago after I finished the very first draft of my first book - The

Thy erupted at me with burning fury 🔥words of sin. The maliciousness voice 🗣 Only born from INSECURITIES. - - - - - - - #cgleeder

What defines you, is genuinely your heart ❤️ - - - - - - #cgleeder #author #writer #drawings #kids

Locked eyes; hand in hand. We fell victim to the labyrinths demise. Promised treasure - utopia hidden. Dearly

Through the infinite complexity; Paradox of time. All that's happened or could ever happen - has already

You can't blend in when you were born to stand out ♥️ - - - - - #cgleeder #author #writer #writing

We're all just chest pieces in this fictitious Board Game 👁‍🗨 - - - - - #cgleeder #writer #author

More of my doodlings for my kids ♥️ - - - It's a good thing you're weird, otherwise you'd be like

As ice melts in the momentum of a rising sun ☀️ As the crevasses deepen within the wisdom of age

Some inspirational doodles I drew for my kids. - - It's those imperfect quirks of yours that make you