This is from a Conservative MP. “Frankly I feel disgusted on how a Conservative Prime Minister can treat decent people who have sacrificed so much with such contempt.”

I know all the journalists are furiously busy, and all their readership is enthralled, but why aren’t we talking about how almost 40,000 people got killed unnecessarily by a virus or what’s likely to happen with the second peak from June onwards? Easier to pin tails on donkeys.

Except that the uncle died in London, so Cummings was in effect rushing to get away from having to attend the obsequies.

As is quite often the case, an interesting contrast between the front pages of The Sun in England and Scotland

Can we instead? Calling him 'Boris' is playing his game. He's not our chum.

The Dead Uncle Gambit sounds like a chess move. And in a way it is.

My team called Public Health England on behalf of constituents in difficult circumstances to ask if travel could be justified, eg parents of students struggling with mental health wanting to pick them up. Advice was *always* not to travel. Boris Johnson defending the indefensible

So is there anyone, anyone at all on the government payroll prepared to resign over this? 'Boris' Johnson's successor is sure to be grateful.

The problem the Prime Minister may well find is that many millions of good fathers and good mothers didn't do what Dominic Cummings did and aren't going to be happy to a) find out they could have done and b) at the possible inference that DC was a better parent because he did.

This is a parents instinct. Living in a hotel. Not seeing any family for months. Protecting them. Not exposing them. I’m furious.

I’m told there are only three Tory MPs defending the Government on their backbench WhatsApp group tonight, out of 200+. They are IDS, Sheryll Murray and Andrew Mitchell.

Eddie Mair 2013: “You’re a nasty piece of work, aren’t you?” Today a lot of people now share what should not have been a controversial insight.

Even the Spectator getting it at last: "It’s not often a politician calls a press conference to sneer openly at the voters but... the Prime Minister’s performance this afternoon was a careful, considered declaration of contempt at all those chumps stupid enough to obey the rules"

This is what they always do, isn't it? Leak their stunned "hurt and dismay" to the press to garner support for the notion that Tories feel shame. And then do nothing about it the next day. Or ever after.

Father in Law died 15th April. We obeyed rules & didn't travel 45 mls despite being desperate to see him & say goodbye. Mother in Law had to care for him alone & watch him die alone. If only we followed our instincts. My wife is unconsolable after that shameful press conference.

Sounds like a back story on an X Factor audition

I’ll tell you who’s interesting politically right now. Jeremy Hunt. I don’t say he’s a saint, but he kept his distance from this shitshow. His criticisms lately have been justified and timely. I’d put a few bob on him.

My inbox is full of fury about Cummings and Johnson. This is a massive misjudgment by the PM.

The best way for us to show our contempt for this government is to continue to stay home, protect the NHS and save lives. Oh, and to on Tuesday at 8pm.

I agree - can barely breathe for rage right now having let [email protected] die in [email protected] because we believed the rules matters and applied to all of us. And they were perfectly clear!

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