Happy 2 Year Anniversary to Evgenia's captivating performance of SP Nocturne at the 2018 Olympics!

Evgenia moved to entirely new country just to continue figure skating. I can't begin to imagine the amount of change she must have faced and she continued fighting. - Alexandra Stepanova

Zhenya knows how to tell a story on ice, she doesn't just skate, or jump, or spin, she creates a story. That is her talent. Watching her skating is like reading a book or watching a movie. - Eteri Tutberidze

I don't care for negativity. I rarely address it but the amount of times you have said you don't care for her but then spend every spare minute microscopically monitoring her every move. Get a grip. Focus on your own faves

I am not blinded by personas that may be put on. However, Zhenya is never purposefully malicious/harmful to others and it's gross to see you guys will continue to berate and torment this girl since she was 15 till now...

When Evgenia skates, she skates purely, on her top condition. Her psychological resilience and ability to cope with pressure is admirable. - Yuzuru Hanyu

I came to the training group pre-Olympic season. I saw how hard Zhenya trained, saw her struggles. I have never seen a person of stronger character. - Alena Kostornaia

Disclaimer: these are mainly translated from Russian or Japanese so may be a little off, I will try maintain the intent of the quotes.

Zhenya who took on so many expectations and responsibilities of the country, overcome much pressure (that I now understand) and won numerous tournaments and did so without mistakes, she is truly hardworking. - Alina Zagitova

a thread of lovely & positive things that people who personally know evgenia medvedeva have said about her

... probably 90% of the problem is any russian i “learnt” has been forgotten 😭

There was recently? (maybe couple months ago my memory fails me) a thread of quotes that others have said of Evgenia in Russian but I’m failing to find it, if anyone remembers it and wants to send me it?

Lemme correct my sleep deprived self who can’t read. She broke the WR but wasn’t the first to surpass 150. Thanks.

Happy 4th Anniversary to Evgenia Medvedeva’s 1st World Title. Evgenia became the first female skater to surpass the 150 point mark in the free skate.

4 years ➡️ [160402] Evgenia Medvedeva of Russia has earned in the free skate 150.10 points. This is a new season’s best. Her total score is 223.86 putting her currently in first place 🥇

team cricket on the world gala. iconic. unstoppable. thats on periodt.

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