We watched this whole shit movie for clout and condensed it into 34 mins. I gotta say tho the ending is the worst ending you'll ever see in a movie. Watch it so we can all suffer. PS: Sorry if my laughing is annoying 馃様 Full video link:

Reading slam dunk every year is a tradition!

鈥業鈥檝e read 10 books this year already have you been reading anything good?鈥 Me re-reading slam dunk for the 157th time:

It鈥檚 100% okay if you come out of this RMO with no new skills or a novel or the next big thing. Just take care of yourself and family.

sooo i was having a tiktok battle with one of my friends and i didnt realize i picked the wrong audio 馃槀馃槀馃槀

Damn what are all the 鈥榯here鈥檚 a difference between wealth and net worth鈥 & 鈥榯heir money is tied up in shares鈥 billionaire boot kickers gonna say now

Waiting for someone to take the shitting on tweets literally so this can be blown out of proportion, and I can finally nail that heretic to a fucking cross

So like so many cases? Mint Kiara joggers? This is because of the fucker called Making small problem into big problem, kena problematic la this one

Coco Chanel tried to gain full monetary control over the company during WW2 but the Wertheimers show it coming and turned their share of their business to a Christian, french businessman who gave it back to them after the war. Anyway fuck coco Chanel.

Ironic given that the owners of coco Chanel now are both jewish

Heard that tigers and lions have contacted coronavirus. Distressing news. Will be staying away from tigers and lions from now on.

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