JBond (@jbondwagon)

🐘. Down. Under. Manhattan. Bridge. Overpass. #bonvoyageweek

New York is not all about the bright lights. Central Park is a testament to New York’s all-around

Bumblebee in his beehive. #BondVoyage

Grateful for the people I meet along the way. #BondVoyage

Tales from the Times Square. #BondVoyage

“No day shall erase you from the memory of time.” Being in this museum showed me a new light, or

Forever grateful with all the memories and experiences I got from my short New York trip. Met new friends

An instant classic. Nadal and Medvedev put up a 5-hour 5-set back and forth affair that delighted everyone

King Kong’s concrete jungle! #BondVoyage

Mula sa mandirigma. Para sa mandirigma. Laban Pilipinas! #Puso

Dreaming of Manhattan. #TBT

ONE hell of a week made possible by ONE month of hard work and preparations and backed by ONE year of

Mong Kok is always a must visit in HK. #BondVoyage

Already missing strolling around this neighborhood. Bye HK! #BondVoyage