Sending ❤️ out to all of you on this ! I will be donating 10% from the sale of every shoe and handbag from in April and May to to assist their efforts in providing essential items to children and families impacted by COVID-19 💕

It’s the end of the journey for 🥺 but the beginning of a new journey for her. Keep being the you you wanna see on stage girl! 💫

This is definitely love that I’m feeling for ’s pure light ✨

YASSSTH not just the voice, not just the moves, but THE REVEAL AND I AM HERE FOR IT

. all endings are also beginnings. Chin up butter cup ♥️🌱

I've said it before but IT. IS. NOT. EASY. saying no to some really great contestants like . Mark my words, give it 5 years and Grace is gonna prove us wrong. It’s all about timing, sometimes 💫

. has one of the best voices in the competition but she’s gotta round it all out now if she wants to go ALL THE WAY 💯

Also, I have a lot of respect for . As you can tell, he wasn’t supposed to shoot that day (5 o’clock shadow, no makeup) but he means it when he says he’ll always be there for the contestants. I thought that was really cool of him 👍🏻

I hope keeps chasing those dreams, and the hair. Werk, but don’t overwork!

I have no problem throwing and under the bus, especially when I win the argument 💅🏻 It ain’t nothing but a hair flip hinny! You earned that top 20 spot !

We love a good surprise at ... So glad your dad got to see you make it to the top 20 ! And yes, that performance definitely earned a celebratory pool jump...

I’ve loved seeing AKA Julia GaGORGEOUS blossom 🌺 To be honest this rendition of by was maybe my favorite performance in Hawaii yet...

Be the artist you want to see in your own students ! I hope you continue to make your daughter AND your students PROUD ♥️🙏🏻

I’m always gonna root for and the strength/💪🏻vulnerability💪🏻 and growth she’s shown us over the last 2 years has been amazing 🌱

Hope you can continue to keep seeing the VALUE in yourself . You aren’t just a singer, you’re an ARTIST and every human life has VALUE ♥️

It’s been a WEEK since we left you with a cliffhanger for on 😳 Does it feel like it’s been forever or does it feel like yesterday?

Make some tea as the tea is served... Real talk, tonight (and every night 💁🏼‍♀️) on 👀 Tune in for part ✌🏼 of Hawaii at 8/7c on

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