Ladies and gentlemen, it鈥檚 finally here: The Community Episode 馃帀 Thanks to YOU all for making live on. You are the true heroes. And remember, there鈥檚 always out there:

Watched a man in the waiting room at the doctor鈥檚 office pull his mask off to sneeze, then put it back on...

It鈥檚 pretty rude of volcanoes to be so unpredictable.

"Now we rebuild" -- The Rock watching this movie, probably.

WOW a president admitting he was wrong? And not slamming other people?? And not bragging about their Facebook popularity???

Some brand could have really made some money if they had put a big sign with their name on the side of it, showing that it could survive THIS.

UGH great. THIS guy gets to be prez. Hopefully he gets an attitude change.

If was in this scene, he could have tossed them all to safety. Reason no. 1582 why DJ should be in every movie.

How anyone could ignore that cutie patootie is beyond me.

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