Only in politics is saying something outrageous made to sound normal and saying something normal made to sound outrageous.

Continuing with my reading of “A Return to Love.” Chapter 4, Section 1...

Biden’s statement was very nice & deeply appreciated by many, including myself. I’ll vote for him if he’s the nominee. But I’d suggest something much more real from if we’re to give people a sense that the Dem Party is an embracing place for progressives: Replace Perez.

I would highly recommend that Biden supporters be neither patronizing nor condescending nor disrespectful nor critical -today, tomorrow, or the next day - to people who sincerely believed that Bernie was their only chance for healthcare, higher education & a fair shot in America.

Deepest gratitude, Bernie. You articulated a vision for a much better America & we’ll keep working to make it happen. For those who’ve supported you, it will take a few days to process this. But we’ll rise up with passion & renewed dedication, always with your name on our hearts.

People should stop and ask themselves what Trump’s endgame is. It’s actually very clear: he doesn’t want to stop until he has total control. He finds democracy tedious while dictatorship is a good fit for his personality. He’s politically strong and we’ve got to be even stronger.

There are times in history known as phase transitions when one era dissolves & another emerges. The end of one & the beginning of the other is often marked by a major event (war, assassination, pandemic etc) but the forces leading up to the transition were at work for much longer

There is a rising tide of fervor for the possibility of creating a new world. A rising authoritarianism exists as well, but it can be handily overwhelmed by the creativity, productivity and ingenuity of the emerging worldview.

“I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever...” - Thomas Jefferson

Our problem among other things is that there’s no force with major political leverage willing to question the fundamental premise on which the system operates. That used to be the Democratic Party and hopefully it will be again. Right now it’s only lone voices; that’s not enough

FDR said “I’m not destroying capitalism. I’m saving it.” You can’t sustain a free market when it becomes unfree for the majority of people. You can’t be a capitalist when you have no access to capital! Too many Americans are locked out of the party; it’s immoral & unsustainable.

Even Adam Smith, main architect of free market capitalism, said it couldn’t exist outside an ethical context. He never foresaw capitalism untied to any govt regulation. Capitalism will reclaim an ethical & moral center or a younger generation of Americans will replace it entirely

“That the profit motive has anything to do with any of this, while doctors and nurses – many of them with children at home – are literally risking their lives to fight this war for us, is disgusting.” War Profiteering in the Age of Corona...

Continuing with my reading of “A Return to Love.” Chapter 3, Section 5...

Authoritarians everywhere wasting no time using this crisis as opportunity to push through undemocratic agendas. Hungary, Israel, USA. SCOTUS opinion today re Wisconsin is pure voter suppression. No generation of Americans was ever more challenged to rise up & save our democracy.

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