There is a deep turbulence stirring in the hearts of many, many Americans, as we watch the pillars of our democracy chipped away at by unscrupulous people. I place my bet on those in this generation who, like generations before us, will only take so much before we say, “No more.”

Even when the crisis ends, the only way we’ll be safe is if we usher in a new era of international cooperation in order to prepare for its possible re-emergence in the future. Humanity is one ecosystem and we’ll have to start living that way. All will be safe or none will be safe

Continuing with my reading of “A Return to Love.” Chapter 3, Section 4...

Shouldn’t the work of Congress be considered an “essential service?” And if it’s not, then what does that say?

When every medical provider has proper PPE, they should go on recess. When every hospital has the respirators, ventilators & medicine they need, they should go on recess. When money is in the pipeline to give every American what they need to survive this, they should go on recess

They’re on a recess. For some reason I feel the need to repeat that. They’re...on...a...recess....!

Five minutes of global silence...prayer/meditation... at noon NYC, 4GMT. Pause, be still, and pray for a miracle.

Every pandemic in history has been followed by a cultural and social blossoming. This one can too, but only if we use this time to reflect on what that blossoming might look like. In the midst of the darkness that’s our slice of light.

The distinguishing characteristic of a world that supports the full blossoming of every person’s potential, versus the world we have now, is that it’s one in which we give ourselves permission to put our common humanity before everything else.

Join people all over the world for five minutes of silent prayer and meditation, Sunday and every Sunday, noon in New York City and 4pm in Reykjavík.

Actively imagine what you want the world to be on the other side of this (I assure you, those who don’t wish you well are already doing so).As soon as this is over we need to hit the ground running creating systems and procedures for creating a more just, humane and loving world.

Every day after the President’s coronavirus briefing, the Democrats should hold their own - agreeing and supporting where appropriate, offering other and better ideas where helpful. Otherwise people have no way of answering the question, “Well, what would you do differently?”

Congress has authorized the funding, now it’s time for the Administration to do its job. I joined & the entire delegation in urging to quickly deploy the $100 billion Public Health and Social Services Emergency Fund.

If this kind of thing continues, this country will see upheaval unlike anything we’ve seen in 100 years. I suggest the Democratic leadership show a whole lot more spine, and quickly

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