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The goalers of today's match 🔥🔥🔥 Follow @messiglobes for more.

FT: Barca 3 — 0 Eibar The match was simply amazing 🔥🔥🔥 Follow @messiglobes for more.

Journey of Golden Boots (1-6).Swipe to see all The Pics❤🙏 Pics Edited by me ☺ Follow @messiglobes

Today is the when @leomessi played for the 1st time as a player of @fcbarcelona. Too many histories

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Suarez:- Congratulations kid! I am very happy for you, more than deserved. Now for the next one.” Follow

Messi:- “ A big thank to my family,managers.teammates....without them i wouldn’t be able to achieve

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Greatest player of all time 🔥 Follow @messiglobes for more.

Messi will play against Brazil on 15th of November in Saudi Arabia conformed by Scaloni (Argentinian

Leo Messi at the premiere of Messi10. Follow @messiglobes for more.

Messi tried to save Dembele. He told to Referee that Ousmane cannot express himself in Spanish Messi

Leo Messi celebrating his first goal of the season 🔥💪 Follow @messiglobes for more.