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Congratulations On Your Promotion, Congratulations On Joining The Top 6% Of African American Income,

If I Haven’t Learned Anything, I’ve Learned This: You Cannot Be Everything To Everybody. It Will

Today We Laid Our Father To Rest. While Everyone Was Out Celebrating Fathers Day. We Were Preparing

I Don’t Broadcast Every High And Low. I’m Trying To Live, Not Convince Everyone I Have Life. Happy

En este Año, Más Grande Y Mejor. Nada Menos. Ya Tú Sabe 💪🏽😉 #Fitness #Sports #Gym #Lafitness

Happy 35Years Of Birth To Me🙌🏽❤️. Feliz Cumpleanos A Mí. 35 Years Of Not Giving Up Although

Happy 6th Bday To My First Born. Love This Guy More Than I Do MySelf. Having Him Helped Teach Me The

If I Told You How Many Times I’ve Failed Before Beginning To See Things Change For Me, You’d Probably

So This Will Be My Last Walmart Post Pic...I’ve Decided To Further My Career With A Diff Company In

Sup Yal✊🏽😎... I Ain’t Won’t Nothin...Jus Saying Waddup🙏🏽😌... #Sunday #Fashion #Blue

Often Times We Can Seem So Ungrateful For Where We Aren’t That We Forget How Far We Have Come🙏🏽.

The Prophetic Outpouring During Worship EVERY SUNDAY Here Is Amazing. Appreciative of the Little Bit

Because I’m A King🔱. Follow the Christian Apparel Page @quoteit_teez To Purchase Anything You’d

I’m Blessed To Father 2 Handsome Boys❤️👦🏽👶🏽 Not Pictured Here For My Reasons But They

Decided To Be LightSkinned And Take Some Pics In The Bathroom(The Lighting Was Everything 🤷🏽‍♂️).Happy

Haven’t Uploaded Worship In Awhile🤷🏽‍♂️. Just My Choice Not To But Here’s A Clip From

Me And My Mini Me🧔🏽👦🏽. We Just Waiting On His Little Brother To Get Here 👶🏽👀👀👀👀.Stopped