Daisy (@molemieke)

I cherished this fabric so much. It matches with our cat Nina. #britishshorthair #evamoutonfabrics

When the fabric is cheaper than the buttons but it doesn’t matter because her happy face is the best

This fabric with leaves was perfect for a fall dress. I love some colour during fall and winter. #flatlay

Who doesn’t love those first crisp, breezy mornings in a cozy fluffy cardigan? #sewingforfall #sewing

Finally finished this dress. I think it was on the sewing table for almost one year 🙈. The cardigan

I love it when she tells me what she wants. Pink, glitter and ruffles what more does a girl need? #gloriatop

Life is about learning to balance on one leg. Because we don’t always land on both feet. #flamingos

What do you think? Gogo or nono? Not convinced. #sewing #naaien #nähen #fabricleftovers #emmasweater

Sometimes things don't turn out the way we think they're going to. #notconvinced #sewing #fabricleftovers