Closer by was released on July 18th 1980. will be hosting a listening party for the album on July 18th 2020. Join us

ICYMI or if you just want to do the whole thing again. Our listening party, hosted by , is now on our replay page

Well I hope you all enjoyed that. Feel free to DM me re prints and books and so on. I have a couple of Joy Division book projects about to happen. I need to ask & co. to be involved in one of them :-)

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And that’s it! It was actually really nice to listen to that again. Thanks for joining me! Thanks also to & for sharing their thoughts. Shall we do Closer next time?

The bass does get more adventurous towards the end... Martin excelled himself with the ambience & atmospheric noises on this one. This is another one I had to give added structure to in order to play live as The Light. Also added more bass of course!

It's a short album isn't it. I'll have to save the rest of the photos for if/when we do Closer. This is the set list from Bowdon Vale - from 's collection

Inspiration for I Remember Nothing was probably The End by The Doors. Difficult to pull off live because Ian found it tough to sing. It came from a simple jam, then from Ian’s trusty bag of lyrics. Strange way to end - almost sounds like a nightmare.

Martin used any sound if he liked it. It sounds like glass smashing but I have a vivid memory of it being him smashing cups in the studio kitchen. The bass is distorted due to driving my Marshall 100w amp very hard. Simple song - just octaves of E.

Tony Wilson had been encouraging Ian to listen to Frank Sinatra as he felt he could emulate Frank’s style. This puzzled us, but it led to vocal parts like this. I always think of Strangers In The Night when I hear this song now.

e went back towards Manchester Piccadilly station and Paul did the interview in The Brunswick ... It was a great interview. He rang the features Editor on Monday to say they had to go on the cover. This is the shitshow they made of it

When I did my book for Rizzoli, Mark Farrow who designed it, suggested we used some ephemera at the front of the book. This is from that shoot. It's Ian's notebook

I REMEMBER NOTHING This song is wild! Total comedown after Interzone, but that contrast makes for a perfect ending. Nice Mellotron from Barney, with a very spiky guitar line. Effected snare again comes via the echo plate. Almost like singing a poem.

The vocals are panned with me on the left & Ian on the right. Wonderful guitar riffs from Barney again on this one. A proper rock song! That shrill sound you hear throughout is also my vocal. For such a short song there’s a lot going on.

That’s me singing lead. Ian was very generous & always encouraged us to sing too. He thought Interzone was too straight & wanted to add something different. We did an almost call & response vocal. His different lyrics weaving around the main vocal.

INTERZONE Another up tempo rocker, great drums! It had to be hard for Steve to record each drum separately here. Probably the punkiest song on the record Martin dropped a lot of the other punky ones - The Drawback, Walked In Line.. but kept this one.

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