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don't make it an only today thing

i’m not black, but i see you. i’m not black, but i hear you. i’m not black, but i mourn with you. i’m not black, but i will fight for you.

For the people who don’t understand lemme break it down, if there were a group of ppl and 1 person has a paper cut, would u give a bandaid to every person in the group? No you would give it to the person that’s hurt.

β€œur not black why are u speaking about this” i speak for my black relatives i speak for my black friends i speak for the ones who lost their lives for SIMPLY BEING BLACK. if u aren’t black YOU SHOULD BE SPEAKING ABOUT IT. USE YOUR PRIVELIGE TO SPREAD AWARENESS.

i will use my platform and my voice to speak up. i’m not black, but i see and hear you. i will fight and mourn for you. remember their names, remember their faces, we fight together for the better.

Hiii thought I’d share my new spirit jersey that I made of captain marvel im ready for when Disneyland reopens🀩

do u cry on ur birthday every year or r u normal

Need some strength during this pandemic so repping the strongest avenger 😌

I’m watching America’s next top model and I used to be obsessed w this show growing up tell me why I’ve never realized this gif was from the very first episode lmfao iconic

when you’re feeling ugly so you put a filter on and you STILL look ugly

all hot girls sleep with a stuffed animal and that’s a fact

i miss walking out of a theater after watching a movie and feeling like i just got back to reality from an other dimension

Nothing worse than spending money on food that did not hit the spot the way you thought it would

and I in the jimmy kimmel audience when brie was the host

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