Rare Jewelry (@rare.jewelry)

Novelty from Rare Jewelry. Gaia fringe earrings, set with 114 brilliant-cut diamonds, totalling 5,70

Hello rainbow 🌈 ❤️ Tennis bracelet in sapphires.

Beautiful photo of Kishti @kishtitomita by @camillacherry wearing Tanzanite Sif Collection

Sif small with a lovely pink tourmaline gemstone and diamonds.

Sif ring in white gold with a pink Quartz and diamonds. Eternity ring with emerald-cut diamonds. Nyx

Halo Wedding ring with a brilliant-cut center diamond of 2,50 carats. Brilliant-cut diamonds around

Rare Dragon in white gold, set with 205 brilliant-cut diamonds, two emerald-cut diamonds and a large

Gaia earrings New Edition Exist in white gold and in rose gold, set with 80 brilliant-cut diamonds,

Wedding ring with a 3,01 carat emerald-cut diamond center stone G color Vs2 and 14 emerald-cut diamonds

Wedding ring with a 2,50 carats princess-cut diamond center stone. Princess-cut diamonds on the sides

Rare woman wears; Nyx earrings with invisible setting, Nyx bracelet, Halo Wedding ring and Gaia twin

Gaia twin in 18K solid rose gold. Set with 269 brilliant-cut diamonds and two princess-cut diamonds,

Sif ring with a blue calcedon gemstone and eternity ring with Emerald-cut diamonds. Nyx bracelet and

Nyx Princess ring, invisible set with 117 princess-cut diamonds and 110 brilliant-cut diamonds, total

Rare Classic ❤️ Includes Wedding Collection, loops, studs and tennis bracelet. Modell: Lo Iverus

Diamond Wolf ❤️ Set with 488 brilliant-cut diamonds and two sapphires. Price: 121 500 SEK

Wolf in Diamonds ❤️ Set with 488 brilliant-cut diamonds and two sapphires. Total of 3,79 carats