The feeling of being back on social networks !

Internal Exams ........ PAIN !!!!!!!!!

goin out for a movie !! yeahhhhhhh :)

its friday night !!! PARTY at ma place !!!!!!! yeahhhhhhhhhhh :D :D

finally rainin in chennai !! thank God :D

excuse me ! i might drink little more than i should tonight :) :D

Pitbull Feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer - Give Me Everything (Tonight)..... just luv the song :)

crap !! missed coll 2day as i woke up late ,,,,, man...

all set to go to college ... got an assignment in " computational biology " .... for which of course i haven't prepared,,, God help me !! :)

crazy first day at coll... later had to help a close friend shift into a new stash :) dead tired.... dont wanna go to coll :P

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