I can’t wait to hear “can I see your passport and boarding pass”

Interesting but not surprising that none of these politicians who pander to blacks for our votes are suddenly a no call, no show

You’re very quiet for someone who said “we ain’t black if we don’t vote for you” 🤨🧐

if you’re mad about looting, wait til you find out about how capitalism works

How tf are people stealing Rolexes??!😭🤣🤦🏾‍♀️

There is so much going on rn. America is in shambles!

and the news reports that work for our government do not give up to our media because Canada wants to be seen as the “nice” country. PLEASE SPREAD THIS!!!!!

The reason as to why people think cops in Canada are not “racist” is because it never gets any media coverage. Believe me y’all, Canada covers up EVERYTHING. BLACK MEN AND WOMEN GET KILLED BY THE COPS EVERYDAY

The police killed a BLACK FEMALE in Toronto today. They threw her over the balcony and there’s no news coverage on this yet.

Y’all not fighting for black women enough for me

I tell everybody Im good cause wtf they gonna do if Im not

I’m not losing me again for nobody!

I don’t understand the shade for Meg’s number 1 when two of ole girl’s hits are features??? Now it’s “Meg needed Beyonce” y’all are tired.

John Boyega put his whole career on the line for the culture. We salute you💪🏾🤟🏾🔌

I often see us write, “Being Black is exhausting,” or some variation. And, I get the sentiment. But, being Black is amazing. It’s the world around us that’s exhausting.

Robert just got cancelled last year. He’s been a pedo since the 90s, and everyone knew that.

I notice black people don’t care about respect for our community when it comes to entertainers. The Doja Cat situation goes to show how easily pacified we are when it comes to celebrities, as long as they deliver “bops” 🥴🤦🏾‍♀️

Lil Wayne recording “Dough Is What I Got” off of Da Drought 3 🔊

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