Get your raging bishops here: The has a magnificent round up of furious and disgusted reactions to Johnson

Beth is spot on with this - Dominic Cummings helped Boris Johnson win an election framed around a message of the "elite versus the people". But his actions will be read by many as a sign that he is part of an elite for whom the rules don't apply.

That Jeff Bezos is set to become the first TRILLIONAIRE because Amazon is doing so well during a global pandemic that’s forcing mom & pop shops to fail—is a great reason to and in your community.

It’s so important that we support British farmers, through this crisis and beyond. We must not let them be undercut on food standards in any future trade deals.

Six boys were shipwrecked for 15 months in an island, and they didn’t kill each other. Instead, they set up a commune with food garden, gym, a badminton court, chicken pens and a permanent fire. They even perfectly fixed a broken leg

Faculty have won 7 contracts. Idox 2. Then we have Palantir part of the £250m NHSX contract. And then Babylon which Dominic Cummings advised. Bonanza time if you’re an electoral/health data mining company close to the government

Wot no Dominic Cummings?!? The former chief scientific adviser to UK govt is chairing an ‘Independent SAGE’ live on YouTube & Twitter. 12 scientists, 0 political advisors 👌

Wow, they certainly don’t make ‘em like that any more...

Bright purple globe-like flowers are now dancing in the ... a variety of alliums catching the attention this week from pollinators, including ladybugs💜🐞

“Where the fuck did it all go wrong?” Gogglebox’s nails it!

It's infinitely depressing that there is $8.6trn in tax havens globally and the money alone just avoiding tax is enough to end world poverty and ensure in-house piped, treated water to everyone on Earth.

Leading from behind: politicians demanding public schools return immediately - without social distancing between students - but said politicians send their kids to private schools doing remote learning...and they refuse to let parliament resume. Inspiring stuff... 👍

Breaking news! A Victorian school to be shut down due to an outbreak of coronavirus! Makes Morrison’s attack on look utterly vindictive and stupid. Apparently a Victorian govt press conference in an hour.

The peak doesn’t determine lockdown timing; lockdown determines the peak. Retrospective studies from around the world suggest locking down one week sooner roughly translates to 60% fewer deaths. Countries that locked down earliest have fared best. That’s “success”.

At least 28 of London's bus drivers have died as a result of coronavirus since the outbreak began, and some now fear for their lives, despite new safety measures put in place. via

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