It’s easy to become numb to the unrelenting Republican assault on democracy, but it is so damn insane that one of our two parties is willing to kill voters if it makes winning an election more likely.

I’m sure you don’t remember this, didn’t really understand it when you did it, don’t understand it now, and lack the intellectual capacity ever to understand it, but you signed into law Public Law No. 115-118, the FISA Amendments Reauthorization Act of 2017.

Oil wells and pipelines have no place in a National Monument, let alone one as uniquely diverse as Carrizo. Carrizo is home to amazing endemic wildflowers and grasses, and oh yeah, San Andreas Fault.

I'd be more likely to get one of those smart home devices if I could reprogram it to respond to "COMPUTER!" like in Star Trek TNG

Three more days stuck on Earth. Those poor people.

The team determined the age of the millipede using a fossil dating technique refined by Jackson School alumna , who was an undergraduate at the time. She's now a doctoral student at

Question about the crewed launch. Has there ever been an analysis of astronauts wearing glasses vs contacts? Personally, my eyelashes touch my glasses, which means I clean my glasses constantly. Not being able to do that in a helmet would SUCK.

Another view of the stunning surface rupture (>200km long) from the 2013 M7.7 Balochistan,Pakistan , visible in [before and after] satellite imagery animation. Notice local bifurcation of fault trace (sinistral) & the complete obliteration of building group on top left

Wow, I just scrolled passed five promoted tweets /ads in a row. Anyone else getting these blocks of ads in their timeline?

But seriously, how much water should I bring for a century ride?

its fucked up we don’t have a society that lets peoplle spend their time gardening, making art and grilling

About 24 hours ago I saw this photo with this misinformation attached - the bottom two pictures are shoebills not pelicans and they're just yawning, not cooling off. MisIDs and false info are often what happens when you take photos uncredited from the internet (1/2)

Absolutely stunning talent! And equally stunning paintings

California condor taking a bath in northern Arizona. These giant birds were declared extinct in the wild in 1987 but a federal reintroduction program has brought the population up to more than 450 individuals located in California, Arizona and Utah. 📽️: Grand Canyon NP

Progressive Company Pays Both Men And Women 78% Of What They Should Be Earning

You know how every once in a while someone in silicon valley will invent a bus or a radio or something that already exists? Today I was chatting about the return to schools, how they may have to stagger attendance, smaller groups of kids going 2-3/ week or so, the rest remote...

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