2020 but nothing’s looking clear

Don’t know about you but my instagrams lives are continuing after quarantine.

We’re so close but we gotta stay 6 ft apart.

Do yourself a favour and don’t even look at screen time until we’re out of quarantine.

I've eaten geymar w dibis for dinner 50% of my days during lockdown. And I'm not even complaining. (My Iraqi fam knows what's up!)

Shoutout the MacBook Pros that you could check how much battery was left from the button on the side of the laptop.

Tell me more I got a box cutter with your name on it

Doug Ford: Increase pay for nurses - Sign the Petition! via

I can’t wait to hear “can I see your passport and boarding pass”

Got really bored, decided to try new things today

أهم شي صحة آرثر فوكنق شيلبي

Yo as long as we're out of quarantine before 2022 World Cup, im good.

Here’s a video of Marcus Rashford skinning someone’s right back to help you through your day.

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