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Custom Vans made only with Sharpies πŸ”₯πŸ˜„

These crazy guys visited my mural in NYC! πŸŒ‡ @guggimon and @janky what the hell were you thinking?? Go follow them πŸ‘€

My first custom sneaker πŸ”₯

Hadn’t posted these custom dollar bills yet! What’s your favorite? πŸ’ΈπŸ’Ά Show some love πŸ’•πŸ”₯β™₯οΈπŸ”†πŸ’“β£οΈπŸŽˆπŸŽ

My first mural in NYC! πŸŒ‡ This artwork was a collab with @jasonnaylor , he’s an amazing artist and working with him on this mural was such an inspiring experience! πŸ™ŒπŸ”₯ We made this in one day, on my 21st birthday πŸŽ‰ You can visit it in Brooklyn, NY on 109 Wilson Ave (tag me in your pics!) ***next goal: making a mural in Manhattan***

Looking back at my trip to New York with @samsung_be β˜ΊοΈπŸŒ‡ I got to use the new Galaxy Note 10 before the launch! #WithGalaxy   #Unpacked   GalaxyNote10 @samsung_be 🎬 video by @aooatv πŸ“Έ pic by @zacharysmithh

I’m SO PROUD of this mural done for @thebushwickcollective !! πŸ”₯ I traveled to NYC with the dream of working on some art here and thanks to the Bushwick Collective I was able to make this huge street art piece on the iconic St Nicholas Avenue in Brooklyn πŸŒ‡. I share this street with several street art legends and I couldn’t be more stoked about it! πŸ‘Š Shoutout to all the people I met over the past couple of days there, you guys made this such a fun experience! And of course thanks to Joe for giving me the opportunity to share my art with the BEAUTIFUL community in Bushwick! πŸ™Œ One of my goals for 2019 was to make my first ever mural, it’s absolutely crazy that I already got to make one on one of the most famous street art spaces πŸ™πŸΌ More to come! Address if you want to visit it while it is up: 1 St Nicholas Avenue Brooklyn NYC I’d love it if you shared pics while you’re there πŸ˜„ Thanks for the support as always ❀️πŸ”₯

[SOLD] Crazy doodle on uncut sheet of dollars πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ Pretty happy with how this turned out 😬 β€œMoney Burns” pencil & paint on dollar bills 2019

ART DROP TIME! πŸ’Έ*found* first person to get here can keep this original work of mine! It’s located in NYC on Mulberry Street 163 πŸ™ Thanks to @samsung_be for this awesome New York trip πŸ˜„ #GalaxyNote10   #WithGalaxy  

A$AP! I made this customized dollar bill which I will art drop in New York very soon! πŸ™πŸ‘€ The first person to find it can keep it! (Keep an eye out on my Instagram) Customizing these dollars is hella fun and I had to make one for A$AP Rocky because I’m in NYC right now πŸ˜„ @asaprocky

i made this huge DOODLE CREATURE πŸ’₯ I’m actually very proud if this one, the detail in the doodles are definitely an improvement to my previous stuff! 24 hours of work, made with copic markers 🎨This was commissioned by @zhcomicart for his latest video where he paid artists $50k to finish his sketch (check it out on yt!) Big thanks to my friend Zach for supporting the art community πŸ™ŒπŸ™πŸΌ

My first time trying β€˜cellograffiti’ 😬(swipe for more details!) I’m obsessed with spraypainting so I went out to the forest and practiced on this artwork! πŸƒ When I was packing up, someone walked by and we started talking. He took some pictures of the artwork with his camera, and the next day he sends me a message β€˜keep an eye out in the newspaper’ and I take a look and the work appeared in the newspaper because of him! So random but it’s funny what can happen and it opened my eyes about spreading my art in the real world versus the virtual world πŸ€”

New Full Doodle finished! I made this a while back in America actually and unfortunately some water from the pool got onto the page 😰 But I’m still very proud of this doodle and it’s definitely worth sharing to you guys!

I made this artwork by only using posca paint markers πŸ˜„ Swipe to get a closer look on the doodles, I’m definitely proud of them in this painting! πŸ™Œ What do you think of it?

new Painting! 🎨 made with acrylic and spraypaint on wooden panel (20” or 50cm wide) I tried a couple new techniques for this one and learned a lot from them! I’m not too happy with the result but I’m glad I made it! I planned to do this in 24 hours straight but it took me even a bit longer than that & I started to lose motivation over time (that’s why the right hand and the background is kinda meh in my opinion). Lemme know what you think πŸ™πŸΌπŸ”₯ β€’ Acrylic & Spray Paint on Wooden Panel 20” / 50cm 2019

I spraypainted this awesome car! πŸ˜„πŸ”₯ We only had about 2.5 days to finish this but I managed to pull it off with my mate @averagerob . We did this for the launch of the new AXE deo β€œFresh Forest and Graffitiβ€πŸ―πŸƒ! I’m so excited to work on these bigger projects and practice my street art skills, thanks for the opportunity @axe ! You can still find the customized car this week on the address below, take a picture and share with the FreshForestAndGraffiti to get the chance of winning some Vexx Merch! Address: Ernest Van Dijckkaai 88 Antwerpen πŸ“Έ: @twnbrooks

Huge Customized YouTube Playbutton πŸ”₯ swipe to see all angles! 😁 This took ages but I’m pretty proud of it, and it means a lot to me because it’s in honor of the channel hitting 1,000,000 subscribers 🀯

Wolf Doodle! 🐺 It was so much fun doing another animal doodle style drawing 😬 I used Copic markers, Faber-Castell Broadpen and Prismacolor pencils to make this one. 10 hours of work

I’m going back to mixing doodles with realism more often! Having a lot of fun 🐺 #wip  

My first big mural! This building is more than 10 meters tall and it took me 4 days to finish πŸ˜… I’ve learned a lot along the way and can’t wait to work on more murals in the future! This was an amazing experience, thanks to @telenetyugo for believing in me and for being an awesome client πŸ™Œ

I made this drawing with glowing ink ✨✍️ Had a lot of fun with this one and I like the more β€˜symmetrical’ feel of it 😊 inspired by a drawing of @kerbyrosanes

Thank you for an amazing 2018! πŸŽ‰ So many great things happened this year πŸ˜ͺ I went fulltime as a YouTube artist, I made my best work (imo) and I’m finally happy ☺️ . Thank you ❀️ . Expect more paintings, more graffiti, and more vexx products in 2019! Still chasing dreams ✨✨✨

The first ever Vexx Skate Deck πŸ”₯ click link in bio to get yours! πŸ‘Œ only 100 made! [SOLD OUT IN 1 DAY]

β€˜Happy Chaos’ πŸ’₯ New finished doodle πŸ‘Œ It’s my last drawing of 2018, I took a bit of a break this week to work on some sideprojects and think about my goals for 2019! ᡛᡉˣˣ Λ’α΅α΅ƒα΅—α΅‰α΅ˆα΅‰αΆœα΅Λ’ Κ·αΆ¦Λ‘Λ‘ ʳᡉˑᡉᡃ˒ᡉ α΅—Κ°αΆ¦Λ’ Κ·α΅‰α΅‰α΅α΅‰βΏα΅ˆ πŸ‘€

Vexx Smooth Gradients β„’ ✍️ this is all made with 1 marker!

Spongebob Tribute painting🍍 Thank you for inspiring millions, Stephen Hillenburg! ❀️ Prints are available [SOLD OUT] and I’ll donate 100% of the profits to ALS research. Stephen Hillenburg, creator of Spongebob, passed away last week due to ALS Shop: vexx.co or link in bio β–ͺ️ β€œDoodleBob” Acrylic on wooden panel 2018 ▫️ I added the sketches and color planning aswell because I think that might be interesting for people who wanna see my process of making paintings πŸ‘

βšͺ️⚫️ Doodle Tiger on paper with black pen 100 Limited art prints will be sold on my site (vexx.co) 🐯 . This was a ton of fun πŸ˜„ Next project is a new painting, I can’t wait to learn new things on painting! I’ll update you guys through my stories and in the YouTube video out soon πŸ‘

WIP 🐯 Working on a black&white tiger doodle! Can someone explain me why I love drawing tigers so much? πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

β€˜REPRESENT’ Doodle finished πŸ˜„ I’m back from my trip to New York and I’ve never been more inspired! We visited tons of galleries and museums and just the city on itself inspired me. I have so much motivation to take on bigger projects and I finally have new goals to chase πŸ™πŸΌ (my last goal was hitting 1M on YouTube and after achieving that goal I felt kinda in an empty void because I didn’t know where to go to next, if that makes sense haha) I’m gonna start working on bigger projects and hone my craft at painting, graffiti, streetart, ... I’m stoked! πŸ’ͺ *sorry for the long text, I just felt like talking about my current situation with you guys πŸ˜„

guys I dont mean to brag but i just yeeted in nyc πŸ™ also reppin’ the merch πŸ€™