I'm not a historian, I'm just a History enthusiast who tries to share interest stuff. I try to do as much research as I can, but understand that I can be mistaken in some random date or information sometimes. Please, be comprehensive with me 馃檹

American burlesque dancer and actress Faith Bacon. Photographed in 1929.

Like imagine you're in your boat in a nice sunny day, you get ready to swim a little in the sea and then AN ANTHROPOMORPHIC FROG APPEARS FROM NOWHERE AND WANTS TO MARRY YOU I think I will have nightmares tonight

I can't help finding this hilariously disturbing 馃槀

Matilda Alice Powles, an English music hall performer who adopted, at age 11, the stage name Vesta Tilley and who became one of the most famous male impersonators of her era. She was a star in both Britain and the United States for over thirty years. Photographed in 1895.

Portrait of English stage actress, dancer and singer Gabrielle Ray. Photographed in 1900.

Spring, by Scottish painter William McTaggart (1864). Scottish National Gallery.

Parfum Pompeia, by L.T. Piver, 1922. In private collection.

Breaker boys employed by the Pennsylvania Coal Company. Photograhed in 1911.

The British Ladies' Football Club, also known as the first women's football team ever. Photographed in 1895.

Roman Girl at a Fountain, by French painter L茅on Bonnat (1875). The MET.

Princess Nashimoto Itsuko (姊ㄦ湰 浼婇兘瀛) and Prince Nashimoto Morimasa (姊ㄦ湰瀹畧) with their daughters Princesses Noriko (瑕忓瓙) and Masako (鏂瑰瓙). Photographed in Japan, 1909.

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