Warzone is by far the most toxic thing I’ve ever experienced

If 3ayad today does that mean we should too?

We are live! . Check it out🙏🏼🙏🏼 Join the Evolve family👏🏼

Lacnor chocolate milk hits harder than any other drink especially on a 45 degree day

I’ve never missed smelling like owl of Minerva this much

If you’ve had anything from Mura6abat in UAE pre-2010, you’re immune to corona.

Slowly removing the toxic elements out of your life wether food or people puts your mind at ease

Strive for continuous improvement, rather than faking perfection.

Got really bored, decided to try new things today

White people wouldn’t need this much toilet paper if they used this

Maybe if I loved my depression, it would leave me too.

الحمد لله على النعمة

Let’s give it up to moms for everything she does on the daily. Realest ever

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